A message to participants

We at Walk the Beat – Albion (WTB) are very grateful for your support and participation. We know that your time is worth more than $50 a gig, and we hope to build WTB Albion until we can pay all our musicians much more.  In the meantime, we hope you win the Best Band Prize, and will stay for the after party at Gina’s Pizza and Deli.

Just as a reminder, this is a music festival with amazing bands, and the stages are our local businesses and organizations.  Please see some of the 30+ musical acts scheduled, and get more information about Walk the Beat at www.walkthebeatalbion.org. (If we don’t have a live link for your band, please send that information to Dulce Aceves, Assistant Director of WTB Albion (bands.wtb@albion.edu).   We will return your call or email as soon as I can. 

Together with our amazing 2019 Walk the Beat Albion Venues, Sponsors and the Grand Haven WTB headquarters, and on behalf of participating venues and musicians, we are advertising this event in print, direct mailings, and social media.  Your own social media reach will also be a big part of building the crowd that day.  We hope to get 10,000 people to Albion for the street festival.  Here is part of how we hope you will make use of all that foot traffic.

Musicians – make sure we have the name of every member of the band.  We are entering each musician in every Door Prize drawing.  That’s about 24 door prizes worth a minimum of $200 each.  If a musician’s name is NOT on the registration form you filled out online, please send an update to bands.wtb@gmail.com – and note why you are sending it. Also remember that we will send the check to the contact person listed on that original form.

Musicians – if you are interested in winning the Best Band Prize (40 hours of recording studio time at 3rd Coast Recording Studio) do your best to get people to the event, and prepare an email or social media blast.  At exactly 1pm, we will turn on the text-voting app, and you can invite all your fans to vote for you.  Each band will get a code number and Text Voting phone number.  Your fans vote for you by texting that code to the phone number we provide.  You will also have a sign on site giving our guests the same information so they can vote for you as the day goes on. It’ll be your job to make sure your sign is visible while you are playing, and you are welcome to point it out to fans. 

Do you know potential volunteers?

If you know anyone who might want to help us on the day, please have them email Cliff Harris.  

About Volunteering

We need folks who can volunteer up to 6 hours of time on Saturday, August 24, as Table Volunteers.  Each volunteer will receive 2 meals, a brief training session, automatic entry for each of 15 door prizes, and free entry to the After Party at The Bohm Theatre.

The Door Prizes are worth a minimum of $200 each, and examples include free nights at the new Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Albion, Birthday parties at Kids n Stuff, and coupons at Dickerson Music!  Other examples include gas and charcoal grilles, Albion College Chairs and Swag Bags, Long Boards, Snow Boards, and Guitars.

Thanks for all your help, and we look forward to working with you!

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